All Hail the immortal story tellers!

Who said that the Movie Business was all glamour & glits. Embarking on such an adventure has taught me a lot about the intricate realities of film making. More smoke, mirrors, mysticism & speculating than qualified cadres of talented crews & specialist. More talkers than doers, more want to be-s than authentics, and more personalities and egos than genius. It seems that anyone with a half way decent equipment considers themselves a cinematographer, director, producer and every other title and position associated with the fantasy process. And although not a rocket science requiring quantum physics or a Harvard education to decipher the conundrum, there is a combination of artistic and technical dynamics, cohesively interacting towards a common destination that is necessary. Artistic Vision is perception capable of being conveyed and interpreted not something acquired through academia or pseudo intellect. The George Lucas, Martin Schorsesses, Spike Lees, Oliver Stones, James Camerons, Brian Depalmas & John Woos of the world were not made in the confines of film school, Hollywood, or the sets of short films; they were born and/or evolved into master visionaries of the universe. To be able to articulate your thoughts understandable enough for a button pusher to manifest into visual art form is masterful within itself, for there is nothing to visualize, thus no movie without a script or executable idea...All hail the immortal story tellers.


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